In a world of war suffering, our answer is solidarity and reconciliation. The war drove out thousands of Ukrainians from their land, and they came to Slovakia with faith and hope that kind people would help them. At the Archdiocesan Charity Kosice we have been trying to be closer to people from the first minute …

Support Centres

Charity support centres create an ideal environment for meeting and integration of Ukrainian refugees, who have found safety and temporary home in Slovakia.  Our working team consists of Slovakian and Ukrainian experts in the sphere of psychology, social work, pedagogics etc. Support centres are open every working day from 8:00 to 16:00. 

Support centres provide:

  • Information about a temporary shelter, help in accommodation search, support in resolving cases in government institutions, 
  • Psycho-social support
  • Slovakian language courses
  • Creative, sports, art workshops and group activities
  • Food and material aid (ANNOUNCEMENT: due to the low warehouse resources, food and material aid is limited. In case of interest in the current situation, contact us beforehand. Thanks for understanding.)
Support Centre in SNINA
Support Centre in PRESHOV
Support Centre in KOSICE
Support Centre in MIKHALOVTSE
Food and Material Aid
Support Centre in Snina
Support Centre in Preshov
Humanitarian Storage in Kosice
Humanitarian Storage in Mikhalovtse

The volunteer offer to help refugees from the war is carried out through separate activities within the Support Centers in Snina, Preshov, Kosice and Mikhalovce. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

Financial Aid, Collaboration with Companies and Media

To support our activities in helping Ukraine, you can make a financial donation to IBAN: SK86 5600 0000 0093 3043 3002, variable symbol: 584. Or donate online. Thank you.




Our Help in the First Months

Archdiocesan Charity in Kosice (ADCH) actively responded to the situation, which arose as a result of the military conflict in Ukraine. In the housing services of crisis intervention ADCH allocated part of the premises for temporary residence of 50 refugees. Social advisors consulted and directed refugees to humanitarian aid, helped to find suitable accommodation and helped with the most basic necessities of life. In collaboration with local parishes and partner organizations, ADCH announced the humanitarian collection of durable products, medicines and essentials. Later employees and volunteers distributed those among families and individuals, who left their homes because of war.

Employees and volunteers of ADCH helped near Slovakian-Ukrainian borders continuously since the arrival of the first Ukrainian refugees. The constant work of ADCH was at the border crossings Ublya and Veljke Selmentse. 50 staff employees and 311 volunteers joined this activity and worked 5 980 volunteer hours. Their job was done at the border crossings Ublya and Veljke Selmentse, at the First Contact Centre in Kosice and humanitarian aid. Thanks for the support.